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Motivation Monday

MondayMonday is probably the most hated day of the week, but if we change our perspective, than Monday can be the best day to start up a new healthy habit or pick up healthy behaviors after weekend “cheat days.” Starting of a new week making positive choices will make you stick with your program or training schedule, keeping you on board with your routine as you pick up momentum reaching the end of the week.

I like to use Sundays as my off day, (where I can indulge in that slice of buffalo chicken pizza if I want to without guilt and) where I give my body the time it needs to recovery from either five or six days of hard work that I put in during the week. That means Monday for me is a clean slate to pick back up on my healthy habits or incorporate another healthy habit that I previously wasn’t following.

This Monday I must admit, I am taking it easy. I ran and successfully finished my first half-marathon (which I am writing all about for you all to read). Although I can’t wait to share my experience, I wanted to continue first with a theme of motivation. I started running seriously about a year ago to keep a lean body. When I started last summer, I would run twice a day four times a week. The summer sun motivated my morning run, and that run motivated me to hit the pavement again at night.  I listened to my body (only running four to six miles at this time) and ate clean on an organic diet. I was in the best shape and felt even better.

It wasn’t until I read Scott Jurek‘s “Eat and Run” that I even considered running more than a 5k race. Words cannot describe how Jurek’s words motivated me to sign up for my first half. The ideas of focus, determination, and motivation resulted in inspiration. Why not me? Every time I felt tired during runs, I thought of the experience of an ultra runner. I knew that I could do anything I put my mind too, but as I started training, I began to believe it.

A good friend of mine every once in awhile would send me motivation videos via Youtube links, mostly Nike or Adidas type of feel good ads. Seeing the images of these athletes struggle and succeed in the videos while hear uplifting phrases spoken so dramatically, it was if my entire life was hanging off the commas found in the pauses, soon become another motivational gem. I had forgotten the powerful reaction I got after watching them until he sent me some more the night before the half marathon. My body tingled as my mind absorbed the messages, fueling my now refocused mind. It was a much need boost for my weakening emotional spirit at the time. It was these videos I played an hour leading up to starting time for my first half. I was pumped, I was excited, I was ready.

A little motivation can go a long way. It greases the wheels to progress. Every time my ankles began to feel weak during the race, a simple,”You go girl,” from a fellow racer instantly lifted me firmly ten feet tall again. Finishing my goal over the weekend has me motivated this Monday to make another and continue living a healthy lifestyle. With all that said, instead of making Monday the dreaded day of the week, try to make Monday your motivation day of the week. Every day this week I am going to workout as hard as I worked out on Monday. Every day this week I am going to eat as clean as I did on Monday. So on and so forth. Maybe the motivation isn’t for you and is for someone who really needs it, just like I did when my friend sent me the videos or when the other racers encouraged me on. Find something that motivates you, whether it is Youtube videos, looking at fitspiration images, or reading a book about a health trend, and use the inspiration to motivate you well past Monday and for the rest of the week.

Yeah, it might be only Monday, but is that really a bad thing?

What motivates you? Tell me in the comments below.


6 thoughts on “Motivation Monday

  1. Love this. Always need a bit of motivation on a Monday.

    1. Thanks! Yes, I agree.

  2. I love this and you’re so right, it’s all about perspective!! Great post!!!

    1. Thanks so much!

      1. 😉

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