Oscar Worthy Body

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These Oscar worthy workouts will tone you head to toe so you can walk your every day red carpet looking like a strong leading lady.

By: Lauren Keating

These Hollywood A-listers worked emotionally hard on their soul baring roles, but they also work out physically to get those much-deserved bodies. These exercises are easy to do for any fitness level, but you will still feel the burn to achieve that lean award-winning look.

Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong’o Lean like Lupita

Lupita Nyong’o took home the best supporting actress Oscar for her role in “12 Years a Slave,” looking flawless in a pale blue plunging Prada gown. Her soft look played up her princess-like evening. Only a few leading ladies could pull off the front and back plunges of the dress—this dress looked like to was made to wear on her strong frame. Get lean arms like Lupita with this muscle toning upper body exercise.

Triangle Push-Up

Targets: shoulders, chest, triceps

How to: Assume the push-up position, hands under your chest. Turn your hands to create a triangle with your index fingers and thumbs. Your elbows should bend 45 degrees out each time you lower yourself and arms should be straight when you rise up. Make sure your core is engaged, body is straight from head to toe, and drop to the floor with your chest.

Reps: 10 to 15.

Sexy slit legs

Actresses Rocsi Diaz and Jada Pinkett-Smith both wore divine dresses with sexy slits that showed of those toned legs. Although they weren’t up for any awards, they rocked the red carpet with grace. Get killer legs you will die to show off with this power leg exercise.


Pistol Squat

Targets: legs, thighs, butt

How to: Hold your arms out at shoulder level, raising one leg off the floor and hold it out straight. With your leg stretched out, lower your body, pushing your hips back. Dip down as low as you can and hold it there. Push back up and switch legs.


Reps: 10 to 15 (do right and left leg to equal 1 rep).

Abs like Amy

The Oscar winning actress knows how to dress for the occasion and this year, she did not disappoint. While her side boob action—along with her natural talent—got her lots of recognition for “American Hustle,” she looked sophisticated and poised in her royal blue, tightly fitted Gucci gown. Get award-winning abs with this workout that engages the entire core.

 Rope Climb

Targets: abs

How to: Sitting in a traditional crunch position, slightly bend your knees so that the heels of your feet rest on the ground. Raise your torso (if you are lying down) or roll back (in you are sitting up) up so that your core is fully engaged. Pretending you are holding a rope—and paying attention to posture—reach your left arm up and reach down diagonally as your raise your right foot. Do this in one sweeping motion, one on each side.

 Reps: 10 to 15 (left hand, right foot then right hand, left foot equals on rep).

Keeping that Booty Up like a Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is known for those bootylicious curves (have you seen that selfie?!), but her sister Khloe might have taken the cake with her head turning red-velvet gown at Elton John’s AIDS Foundation Oscar viewing party. Not only was that dark lip divine, but Khloe’s derriere was also a much-envied asset. Even though the Kardashian clan are not leading ladies in Hollywood films, they still know how to work a red carpet.  Try this exercise to lift and firm your backside.

Bend and Extend

 Targets: glutes and hamstrings

How to: Bend over the front of a chair, placing your right hand on top of the chair back and your left hand on the seat base. Bend your right know and left your right leg, knee bent and foot flexed. Slightly bring your leg up and down in a pulsating motion. For the next part of this exercise, keep your leg in the air, then straighten and bend the knee. Lastly, make clockwise and counterclockwise circles with your leg. Do all three steps for each leg.


Reps: pulsating lifts = 10 reps, leg extends= 10 reps, circles= 10 reps.

The Total Theron

Charlize Theron wasn’t up for the golden statue, but might have took home this year’s best dressed, wearing Dior. From head to toe the South African beauty looked stunning. Who wouldn’t want a body like that?! This one move will engage all your major muscle groups. Use without the kettle bell to master the form, and add the bell to the routine when you feel comfortable.

 Kettle Bell Swing

 Targets: whole body!

How to: Bending your knees, sit into your hips and swing a kettle bell (or imaginary one) in between your legs. Squeezing your butt and quads, stand up, pushing the kettle bell out so that your arms are straight and parallel to the ground with an engaged core and armpit muscles. If you are using a kettle bell, at starting position, the bell should be a foot in front of you. This one move will work you out arm to legs and everything in between.

Reps: 20 swings in 15 minutes.



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