Fast food chains pull our legs with what’s really in chicken nuggets



After reports surfaced that McDonald’s chicken nuggets contain artificially synthesized industrial chemicals, such as TBHQ (which is an ingredient used in perfumes) that are linked to stomach tumors, a new study revealed we aren’t getting much meat in those mighty nuggets.

Published in The American Journal of MedicineMississippi researchers studied two nuggets from separate chain restaurants and examined them under the microscope. They found that the nuggets contained 50 percent or less of chicken breast or thigh meat.

The first nuggets consisted of mostly fat, blood vessels and nerves. The second was most fat, cartilage, and bone.

Chicken nuggets sold my fast food chains are factory farmed, meaning they are pumped with hormones and antibiotics. If that wasn’t enough, these new findings add another unhealthy element to the already fried and dripped in grease family favorite food. Chicken nuggets are one of the staples of the American diet of children.

Doctors recommend patients to consume generous amounts of protein, such as found in chicken. However, they should also caution Americans that just because they think they are eating pure white-meat chicken, they should second guess where their food is coming from and what exactly is in it.


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