NYC restaurants accused of buying FAKE ‘A’ grades to fool patrons

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WPIX 11 New York

Foodies beware. The city has busted a couple of food scams that could affect you. You know that letter grade like A,B, or Pending in the window of the restaurant you’ve been tempted to try?  It might be bogus.

Some restaurants might not be as clean as the sanitation grades in the windows say they are. The city Department of Investigation says they have arrested Anastasios Kountis, a letter grade “expediter.” Kountis  was charged with distributing fake letter grade cards to nine restaurants.  The eateries are located in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island.

The 32-year-old Staten Islander could do jail time if he’s convicted.  He faces forgery and other charges. On 8th Avenue, frequent diner Lance Columbo told PIX11, “I think it’s ridiculous.  I think its a big thing to have the grades on there.” He added, “If it was a C I wouldn’t be going in there.” Mike…

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