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Frankenburger: Stem-cell grown ‘hamburger’ stirs up debate on GMOs and the future of food

WPIX 11 New York

(PIX11) – Call it a scientific breakthrough, or a crime against nature.

Either way, the “Franken-burger “has made its grand debut.

The world’s first slab of meat grown in a lab was unveiled in London Thursday, the result of a $330,000 investment and years of research.

A chef fried up the stem cell burger in front of an audience and served it up with tomato and lettuce on a bun.

So what does it taste like?

According to the researcher that got the first bite, the stem-cell burger was a little bland.

So, how exactly does one make a test tube hamburger?


Well, here’s a freaky science lesson.

First, you get a real cow. Tissue is taken from that animal’s muscle.

Then, cow stem cells are extracted from the muscle tissue and they’re basically put in a petri dish.

Third, the muscle cells are grown under tension, to bulk them…

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Lauren Keating is a freelance journalist, who specializes in health, nutrition, and fitness reporting. She is a former trends reporter for Tech Times and was previously a contributing writer for Fit Nation Magazine and covered a nutrition beat (as well as covering other miscellaneous topics) for Brooklyn News Service. She currently freelances for RunnerClick and Rockay running sites. She has a love for running and is always looking for new fitness and health trends.

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