Hurricane Sandy was Photoshopped

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Photo taken of Bay Parkway, Brooklyn, NY during Hurricane Sandy. The image was popular on Instagram.

New Yorkers have experienced the wrath of Sandy’s scorn.  While some took the forecast seriously, stocking up in supplies, or evacuated if residing in Zone A, others tried to weather through the storm. The intensity of the storm was well reported, perhaps some New Yorkers should have took this natural disaster seriously. But no matter how prepared we thought we were, many New Yorkers were shocked to experience these life-threatening conditions.

Although some parts of each borough suffered from severe damages caused by heavy winds, rain and flooding, other neighborhoods were able to push through it. Mayor Bloomberg reported that about 7,000  had fallen down in city parks, as he closed parks “until further notice.” The trees that tumbled over in New York and New Jersey residential areas have resulted in fatalities.  33 people were killed in the U.S as of late Tuesday during the  two-day storm, with damages being estimated at $20 billion in New York. There were 67 fatalities in the Caribbean.

The hurricane was devastating, as fires broke out in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and there was a ConEd exposition in Manhattan. The winds caused a building to rip open and even bent a crane.

President Obama approved disaster declarations for New York and New Jersey. They will be  eligible for federal assistance for rebuilding.  Mr. Obama said,“All of us have been shocked by the force of mother nature.”

Because of such hazardous conditions, New Yorkers and those living in the radius of the storm, had been stuck in their houses. The lucky ones that had power, followed every breaking news moment on social media sites. However, more than 8.2 million households were without power in 17 states as far as Michigan- about 2 million were in New York.
The Borough President of Brooklyn, Marty Markowitz said in a statement, “During my tours of the hardest-hit Brooklyn neighborhoods yesterday and again today, it was apparent that the devastation is so widespread and overwhelming that it’s in the best interest of all of our residents for a more significant National Guard presence to supplement the great work being done by our brave—but overwhelmed—first responders, including our amazing NYPD and FDNY.”
Since Monday evening, Facebook was bombarded with people posting updates wishing safety to all those effected by the hurricane. Social media played a crucial role in this storm, since family and friends could check on each other and receive news updates from phones, even when the power went out. There was timeliness in the news feeds and many posted  and shared pictures, documenting the damage and debris.
Although in this day-in-age the internet and social media played a vital role in spreading information, dozens of images began circulating that were obviously Photoshopped. As some Facebookers began to share the photos, some took the powerful images seriously, even though some included scenes from the epic disaster movie, The Day After Tomorrow. Although these images can look interesting to the  creative eye and is a display of skill from those using such programs, the naive eye can easily think these images are real. With the power of the viral internet, these images are spread and can put a news event not in context. If we are going to use multimedia when reporting an event, it is our duty to report them accurately. However, creativity should be encouraged, but the artist should at least acknowledge the tinkering.
The internet and multimedia is both essential tools for spreading news, but can also lead to some form of propaganda. The images are intriguing- that much is true, so here are some of the best Photoshopped Sandy images that have been spreading since Monday.


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